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OpenVPN 3.4.2

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OpenVPN download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

OpenVPN is one of the Virtual Private Networks that will never disappoint you, ever. It is a portal to open internet browsing securely and safely with the help of its 256-bit OpenSSL encryption.

You can browse safely as well as open portals that are usually blocked in your region.

But its main function is to create a secured portal with a site-to-site or peer-to-peer connection. It uses its own multi-servers to ensure the best security service protocol.

OpenVPN interface
OpenVPN interface

Why OpenVPN

Faster: OpenVPN is faster than most of the VPNs in the market. Its speed will certainly mesmerize you. You can browse the internet with ease and the line will not get disconnected.

Multiple Platforms

The VPN solution works with many top brands working in the internet security system so that you can get the same experience on multiple platforms. Like Linux, Red Hat, or Ubuntu. This is a good base for all types of user experience.

Login into your OpenVPN Account
Login into your OpenVPN Account


The interface is a valuable part of the software. If the UI is so complex that it does not serve the purpose, you can easily get bored with any software. OpenVPN UI is very comfortable and you will need only one or two clicks to meet the necessity.

Be Safe From Phishing Sites

Phishing Sites always hack your data without letting you know. While you are using the internet, it will engulf your existence if you are not smart at handling it. Even a simple pop-up can sometimes harm your PC with adware, malware, and trojan viruses. And phishing can directly hack your data regarding bank info, credit card info, transaction history, and many things. So, to save yourself, you definitely need a private network. This is one of the solutions you can easily use to filter out phishing sites.

Login into your OpenVPN Account
Login into your OpenVPN Account

IoT-Based Communication and Security

As we are facing a new era of the Internet of Things or IoT, we are often facing troubles with keeping our point-of-sales, controlling CCTV as well as transaction data safe. We buy so many things online but do not know where to put our information and where not. This software is a very cool software that gives you security from fraud and suspicious software with your own internet privacy.

Apply Safe Official Rules

You can enforce safety protocols for official security through your PCs in your organization. So that employees cannot lag time on unwanted websites or any other platforms. This can easily be done by OpenVPN.

OpenVPN Profiles
OpenVPN Profiles


  • Easy-to-use interface, based on UX
  • Opens most of the blocked websites in the region
  • Gives safety over personal data from phishing sites
  • Multiple platform use – gives similar or absolutely the same experience
  • Most of the features are free for personal use
  • Enforce office rules and regulations about internet use through OpenVPN


  • Paid options are good to use too. All options are not free all the time
  • Gives protection against most DNS attacks. But not high-volume attacks
  • As it uses category-based blocking for harmful websites, some good websites with a few unusual activities will get blocked too.

FAQ’s on OpenVPN

 Is OpenVPN Free?

OpenVPN is free for personal use for 2 users. But if you want to use the same OpenVPN for more users, then you need to pay for it. Otherwise, you cannot proceed. Still, it is a good VPN and a good deal.

Is it a good VPN?

It is one of the most secure VPNs in the market. Its security protocol is up to the mark and on different platforms, it gives totally the same experience. Even for the user interface, it is a good VPN to use comfortably.

Is OpenVPN same as NordVPN?

In one word, these two are not the same. NordVPN rather uses OpenVPN. On the other hand, it can be used independently. NordVPN runs its operations depending on OpenVPN as it has much information on itself.

What is the URL for OpenVPN?

You need an OpenVPN URL to configure the server. For configuration, the URL comes in handy. For the Admin UI, the URL is-

Our Experience

As an open-source software for two persons, it is one of the best VPNs we have tested. Unlike other VPNs that are used for security reasons, it gives you similar taste in android, windows, and iOS. This is a relief for those who want to use the same software on different platforms.

OpenVPN 3.4.2

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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Date Published
27, July 2022
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28, August 2023

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