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Publisher: ArcSoft, Inc. License: Trial
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Perfect365 download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Perfect365 is an app that lets you try different makeup with different brand products on yourself using augmented reality. There are many variables and products you can use to feel them on yourself. If you like any of the products’ look on yourself through augmented reality, you can buy the products through the app.

Perfect365 Make yourself more attractive
Make yourself more attractive

World-class Brands

You can have the feel of world-class brands for makeup with augmented reality if you are using Perfect365.

Free App

The app Perfect365 gives you a perfect look with makeup without paying for any subscription or any credit card information.

Before and After Makeup

You can see and compare how you look before without the makeup touch and how you look afterward if you are using the Perfect365 app.

Seek Professional Touch

It is easy to use makeup products on your photo with this makeup. But just with this will the perfection come?

For this, the app also gives you access to the makeup artists’ touch on your skin to see who fits your tone.

Perfect365 Look at professional touch
Look at the professional touch

Beauty, empowered

You cannot define beauty, but you can define how you look. With every product you use, your look changes. The way it changes will define yourself to others.

That’s why Perfect365 makes your beauty empowered through augmented reality.

App Privacy

Perfect365 respects customer privacy and does not collect most data without customer information.

It takes the payment information if only you make an in-app purchase. Besides this information, it will collect facial data for traffic analysis.

If you log into any social media with this platform, it will also collect that data.


  • Publisher: Perfect365, Inc
  • App available: For Windows, Android & iOS, mainly for iPad
  • Available: in-app purchases
  • Current Users: More than 100 million
  • Latest Version: For Windows V, for other platforms 9.2.25
  • Genre: Beauty
  • Current Rating; 4.8 on apple, 3.7 on Android


Following are some of the brands available to use on Perfect365:

  • Skinfix
  • Sephora
  • Biossance
  • Ardell Beauty
  • The Creme Shop



Right now, there are more than 100 million users for Perfect365. Not only women but also men are using the app. From YouTube celebrities to new young adults are also using it to perfect their beauty.

Perfect365 Adjust keypoints
Adjust keypoints

What’s New?

Performance has been upgraded and many bugs have been upgraded by the developers in the latest versions.


  • More than 100 styles are available to try on your face.
  • Eye shadows, lipsticks, eyebrows, foundation all are free for testing on your face
  • You can compare how you look before and after the touch
  • Many world-class brands are available to try for a look as well as purchase


  • Only selected brands are available, not all the brands in the market
  • Original glow depends on the lighting that may differ from the result by Perfect365

More from this developer

Perfect365 has been developed by Perfect365 Inc., which is a sister concern of Arcsoft Inc.

The mother company is famous for its image editing software of many kinds. Among all the software they have developed, we are mentioning a few:

  • ArcSoft PhotoStudio Paint
  • ArcSoft Panorama Maker 4 Pro
  • ArcSoft WebCam Companion
  • ArcSoft VideoImpression
  • ArcSoft Raw Thumbnail Viewer
  • ArcSoft Print Creations for Mac
  • ArcSoft PhotoBase Deluxe



Beauty is in perfection. And if you have the ability to see perfection beforehand, then you can use it for your benefit all the time.

Perfect365 gives the opportunity to use augmented reality to find the best possible solution for makeup.

This is the most popular app in the market when it comes to image editing, photo retouching, and makeup involvement which can take you on a fun journey.

You should try the app for a good look at yourself and share it on your social media without spending the time for it.


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17.9 BM
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Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
Date Published
27, February 2022
Date Modified
04, June 2023

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