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Windscribe download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

Some think that VPNs are dangerous tools for hacking which is not true at all. VPNs are mostly used for the protection and anonymity of your online presence. And the good ones try to deliver extra features to ensure better efficiency and performance. This app provides all the things you would want and more! It is an incredible VPN that lets you be free on the web.


Windscribe VPN is really a marvelous software that has some elegant features and capabilities. We were shocked to know all the incredible things about this VPN.

Windscribe VPN Browse Privately and Circumvent Censorship
Windscribe VPN Browse Privately and Circumvent Censorship

Want to know what those are too? Here are the top attributes you don’t want to miss out on-

360 Protection

For a VPN, the main focus should always be security and Windscribe excels in that aspect. Not only do you get the latest and customized DNS support, but you also receive top-notch online protection. It is genuinely a full-on safeguard for your online workflow.

Versatile Support

Some VPNs are very limited with their OS support which can run on a handful of devices. But that’s not the case for this VPN.

Choose between many servers on Windscribe VPN
Choose between many servers on Windscribe VPN

It has all the support you can ask for. From your desktop operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS to mobile platforms like Android, and iOS, you are covered universally. So, no tension about whether your device will be compatible with the software or not.

Simple & Effective

This VPN does not require tons of learning curves. You just download, install and connect to the server you like and you’re done!

Windscribe VPN Supports multiple Platforms
Windscribe VPN Supports multiple Platforms

It’s just that easy to work with Windscribe. On top of that, you can customize the preferences to suit your taste as well.

Unlocked Possibilities

Your ISP and even tech corporations are always ready to snatch your information as secretly as possible. However, when you’re connected to a VPN like Windscribe, you’re completely anonymous from the tracking and can browse the web without risking any leak. That’s why hackers also can’t penetrate a PC with a good VPN.

Additional Benefits

The best part about Windscribe is that you can also download Chrome, Firefox, or Opera plugins to enjoy a more secured connection. It levels up your privacy settings with browser coordination to prevent geolocation spoofing and tracking. So, you can just press the connect button and stay carefree!


  • Immense functionalities for a free VPN
  • Unlimited connections on multiple devices
  • No fear of losing data or DNS
  • High-level protection
  • Unblocked sites and censorships


  • Only 10GB of usage per month and 1 device support on the free version

FAQ’s about Windscribe

Is Windscribe VPN on PC?

Yes, the VPN is available on many operating systems including Windows. You can get the latest version of this VPN on Windows 7 and onward. Additionally, you can get the software on other ora such as Mac, and Linux too.

How do I install Windscribe VPN on Chrome?

To download Windscribe on Chrome, go to the web app store on Chrome and search for the plugin. You can also download the plugin from its official website. Open the add-on and it’ll be automatically installed.

How do I get Windscribe for free?

Windscribe offers a demo version so that users can get a taste of it. However, it has limited monthly data usage of 10 GB and supports only 1 device.

Is it a virus?

No, it is definitely not a virus but users have encountered malicious intent from third-party sources. That’s why some have the misconception about Windscribe being a virus.

What is wrong with Windscribe VPN?

If there’s a problem with the Windscribe connection then it’s probably due to the servers. Upon encountering such an issue, restart the program or connect to another server.


So, what do you think about this VPN for your Windows device? We bet you found it quite interesting because we surely did so. While it may have some limitations on its free version, you can still try the demo version without paying anything.

You can try it out and decide for yourself! So, hurry up and enjoy a fully protected web browsing experience.

Windscribe 2.4.10

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17, July 2022
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17, October 2022

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