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AirVPN download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

There are plenty of VPNs out there but none offer that ultimate experience of being completely air light on the web. However, that changes with AirVPN. This VPN offers everything that you can want and more.

AirVPN Multiplatform Supported
AirVPN Multiplatform Supported

It has military-grade security protocols, forward key secrecy, and a whole lot more encryption technologies. It’s best to know the features before you use the VPN.


Here are all the lucrative features you need to know about it-

IP Anonymity

The best thing about any VPN is that it can offer total anonymity while you’re connected to a secured network. You can just turn on the VPN and hide your ID completely. Even there’s a feature to discover new identities as well.

Select from thousands of servers
Select from thousands of servers

Forward Secrecy Encryption

Do you know about Diffie-Hellman key exchange (DHE)? If you don’t, then you should. Because this key exchange makes your encryption much tighter. It changes the key every one hour to make it impenetrable.

Multiple Device Connection

Are you tired of using different IDs to connect with your different devices? You don’t have to do that anymore because AirVPN lets you stay connected with 5 different devices from just one account. It also has support for almost every popular OS out there. So, you don’t have to worry about device support with it.

Unlimited Speed

There are several servers, with the best connection speed possible for the users to experience. There’s no traffic limit and no time limit. It is just a plain and simple plug-and-play type of VPN.


About the pricing, AirVPN literally has seven different packages considering everyone’s needs and preferences. Let us list them for you to understand-

AirVPN Simple Pricing Table
AirVPN Simple Pricing Table
  • Three days: 2 EUR
  • One month: 7 EUR
  • Three months: 15 EUR
  • Six months: 29 EUR
  • One year: 49 EUR
  • Two years: 79 EUR
  • Three years: 99 EUR

So, pick a deal that suits you!


  • Intuitive UI
  • Kill switch option
  • Forward secrecy encryption
  • unfiltered speed
  • decent pricing


  • No trial or demo version is available


How good is AirVPN

It can be quite good for fast-speed connection, no log history, and 256-bit AES encryption. It even has a kill switch option and forward secrecy DHE key.

Does AirVPN work with Netflix?

Unfortunately, AirVPN does not work well with Netflix. You can’t access the Netflix media libraries with it.

What is AirVPN?

It is a virtual private network application from an Italian company. It offers many safety and encryption features to be secured on the web.

Is it possible for a router to connect to the AirVPN service?

It’s possible only if the router supports the OpenVPN client. Otherwise, it’s not possible. If you don’t have a compatible router, you’ll just have to use your Windows, Mac, or mobile devices.


In the end, it’s obviously on your shoulders to decide. If you want to know about our experience, then we must say that we were quite impressed. It’s not the best out there but definitely one of the top ones.

So, don’t feel shy to try it out and enjoy the experience yourself!

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